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9:15am     Sunday School
10:15am   Morning Worship
   6:00pm    Intercessory
 Prayer (before Bible Study)
  12:00pm    Noon Day Bible Study
   7:00pm     Evening Bible Study
               (“Kingdom Life Institute”)

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Sunday School
carl mooreAt CNLT, we believe Sunday School is “Where Growth Happens…Through Fellowship and Study”. Dr. Carl Moore serves as our Sunday School Superintendent. Sunday School gives each of us a chance to learn more about the bible and share ideas together. We find ways to apply the principles of the Bible to our everyday lives.
Our Sunday School begins at 9:00 am with fellowship, coffee, juice, and breakfast snacks. Students can eat in the snack room or take their food to their individual classes which meet in the Christian Education Facility. Our superintendent oversees the selection of teachers and makes sure all classes have teachers each Sunday. We offer the following classes:

Toddler Class(4 and under) – Our Toddler Class use “Preschool Playhouse” worksheets that each week contain two relevant stories - a simple Bible story and a contemporary story that small children can identify with and that helps them apply the Bible story's message in their everyday lives. It also features fun activities and crafts. We do our best to provide a safe, supervised opportunity for the young children to socialize and learn about Jesus together.

Primary Class (5-9 Years) – Children in our Primary Class use “Primary Street” folders covering two stories - a Bible story and a contemporary story that puts the Bible lesson in an everyday context to which children can relate. It also features engaging activities that help foster a positive attitude throughout the week.

Juniors Class (10 to teens) – This summer, our young people will be reading, "Crazy Dangerous", by Andrew Klavan. To the protagonist Sam, Jennifer isn't just eccentric, she seems downright crazy. She has terrifying hallucinations involving demons, the devil, and death. And here’s thereally crazy part: Sam is beginning to suspect that these visions may actually be prophecies—prophecies of something terrible that’s going to happen very soon. Unless he can stop it. Come find out if Sam can prevent disaster in this class facilitated by Minister Sharisse Turner.
Adult Men & Women Class – This summer, our adults will be reading, "Forgotten God: Reversing Our Tragic Neglect of the Holy Spirit" by Francis Chan. Jesus promised to send the Holy Spirit so that we could be true and living witnesses for Christ. Unfortunately, many of us have admired the gift but neglected to open it. In this class, Deaconess Pam Johnson will rip away paper and bows to get at the true source of the church’s power—the Holy Spirit. Our Adult men are studying from the series “Intentional Choices: Discovering Contentment in Stressful Times”. In 13 sessions, this study acknowledges that life can be overwhelming at times, and strives to teach us how the Bible can teach us to cope with stress of making mistakes, loss, relationships, excess demands, anger, change, and more.


Monday, Mar 19th @ 7:00pm
Dance Ministry
Wednesday, Mar 21st @ 12:00pm
Noon Bible Study
Wednesday, Mar 21st @ 6:00pm
Intercessory Prayer
Wednesday, Mar 21st @ 7:00pm
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